CHRISTMAS TREES & WREATHS - Click here for additional information - U-Cut Christmas trees are a family favorite at the farm. We cultivate several kinds of Christmas trees and take great pride in caring for the trees year-round so they look their best. Don’t forget to check out the Christmas shop in the barn and the fresh handmade wreathes.

COMPOST & MULCHClick here for additional information - Lazy J is noted for its natural compost made from grinding local yard waste that is turned and composted for 8-10 months. It is then screened to ½ inch for a fine product ready to add your garden. No bio-solids or sand are ever added, just natural compost ready to use. We also have several kinds of mulch to conserve moisture and suppress weeds while it builds your soil.

YARD WASTE DROP OFF – Don’t send your yard waste to the landfill or burn it. We accept yard waste such as grass, trimmings, branches and shrubs. NO rocks, metal, landscape material, plastic bags and pots, garbage or lumber is accepted. It is self-serve with a pay station for you to drop off the money (cash or check). We charge by volume, $10 per cubic yard. We work on the HONOR SYSTEM to keep costs down. Thanks for paying a fair price!

Semi-CLUMPING BAMBOO – Lazy J cultivate several types of bamboo to create privacy and block wind or annoying lights. This bamboo, planted in good soil and well watered, spreads slowly where you plant it. Ask about the varieties and best care when you visit the farm.

PRODUCE – We grow a variety of heritage apples such as Jonagolds, Greenstein, Melrose and Kings, We also make cider to sell. The heritage potatoes such as Ozettes, Austrian Crescents and German Butterballs are highly sought after. We also have U-Pick blueberries and rhubarb in season..