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This is a rich natural product used for building soil. It has been screened through a ½ screen so is easy to work with. It is excellent for gardens and wonderful to add to your current garden to improve soil. It can be used for raised garden boxes as well. Since it heats to 150 degrees during the composting process it is ‘weed free’.


This is a blend of dirt and raw grindings that is left for a year to decompose and blend together to make a nice product for leveling ground or gardening. Since it includes dirt it is not weed free.


This product contains both the fine compost and rough debris that did not fully compost. This product builds soil over time as good mulch, it conserves moisture and suppress weeds. It has not been screened but is ‘weed free’ from the composting process.


This product is what is left over when the compost is screened. It is a rough woody debris that is a good mulch around established plants. It feeds the soil, conserves moisture and suppresses weeds. It is ‘weed free’ from the composting process.


These are dropped off at the farm by landscape companies after they chip trees and bushes. They are good for pathways, mulching established plants and conserving moisture. Since chips are made from trees, and bushes they are usually weed free.


This product is the first step in the compost process. It comes right off the tub grinder and piled up to begin heating. It builds soil over time, conserves moisture and suppresses weeds. We farm with raw grindings by covering the fields with it as a mulch to build soil.

We have a crew from 8 am to 4 pm Monday thru Saturday to load your truck or trailer with these products. The crew takes lunch from noon -1:00. To make arrangements for us to deliver to Sequim or Port Angeles call 360-457-5950.